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POC Bundle 11.26.2008

Philosophical Musings

  • William Lane Craig answers a question, asked on separate equations by an atheist and a believer, about the nastiness and "uncivil tone that predominates among popular level atheists today." A very interesting read that can be found here.
  • Interesting new work is being done by philosophy professor Bradley Monton of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Dr. Monton is not a theist (he refers to himself as an atheist) but still finds some of the arguments for intelligent design interesting if not persuasive.  This manuscript looks very interesting.

Theological Reflection

  • An Eastern orthodox theologian's reflection on God and evil (HT - Ben Vastine)


  • Apparently there has been a steep and recent decline in the percentage of women majoring in computer science in Universities.   The Times has an interesting article about the phenomena entitled What Has Driven Women Out of Computer Science? The title I find a bit odd as it seems to assume something or someone is "driving" people out. I agreed with the sentiment expressed by Ellen Spertus - “Women choosing not to go into computer science is fine,” she said, “if there aren’t artificial barriers keeping them out.”

Just for Fun

  • How did the financial crisis happen? Now this may be a little simplistic and not take into account all factors...but I found it quite amusing. A visual guide to the financial crisis.