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A Savior and King

Mark Driscoll posted a non political, political commentary a few days ago.  If you are more Christian left or more Christian right...or maybe just more Christian purple and don't want to take colors...this is worth the time to read. It points to Jesus as the source of our longings for a savior and king.


In God We Do Not Trust

Also, if you are a Christian conservative...I have a question for you.  It seems your Facebook updates, blogs, etc. focused quite a bit on "How God is still sovereign" and "God sets up rulers" etc.  I'm cool with that and understand why you say that in your disappointment.  But I do have a question - if McCain would have won would your reaction and quotation of our holy texts have been the same?  Just asking.  The truth of those texts is truth no matter who won, but it has bothered me a bit that some quote them when they think things went "bad" politically, but probably would have been dancing in the street in their guy won.  Maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, I am a pastor with both Red, Blue and Purple in our small church plant - so this is as close as I am going to get to political banter.  I like Mark's article because he points out something real in the hearts of all of us when engaging political hopes and dreams.  We are looking for a king who will defeat all our enemies and we are looking for a savior who will rescue us from the sins of our own hands.  I know of only one.  The color that mattered most to him was red, and not because he was a republican, but because with his blood he ransomed men for God from every tribe, tongue, people and nation (Revelation 5:9,10).  Truly, his Kingdom and rule shall have no end (Isaiah 9:1-7).

Finally, rejoice with those who rejoice about this election...not for certain policies that you may or may not agree with, but for the wonderful fact that America, with freedom, and overwhelming support elected our first African American president. You don't have to agree with our new President elect and you certainly should not worship him (slow down Oprah) but you should be thankful for the progress of race relations and bigotry in our lands.

OK, that is as political as the POCBlog will ever get.