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POC Tech Bundle - 02.19.2008


  • iPod Shuffles are now only 49 bucks - a good deal for an MP3 player of that quality
  • Palm's Centro is not out on AT&T - in my opinion, AT&T has the suckiest data network out of the big three...but just in case you don't want to spend the loot for an iPhone and want to use AT&T. It is white with a greenish key pad.
  • Most of you probably know this but HD DVD is going to the deep technological grave which once consumed Sony's Betamax video cassette recorder.  This time Sony wins - Blu Ray Disc is going to be the defacto standard for High Def optical media.  Word is Sony just paid everyone better to win the day.  Once Warner went with it for movies the dominoes all fell.  Netflix, BestBuy and then the killer - Walmart.  If you can't do Walmart in consumer tech, movies, etc. You just can't win.  All the Walmart haters now tear thy cloths.