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POC Bundle 3.16.2008

Pop Culture

  • There is a fascinating site/java application which consistently scourers the blogosphere for people talking about the way they "feel."  Apparently it looks for the word "feel" and pulls that data.  It then uses a cool Java applet to aggregate the data with some fun visualizations.  I watched the "murmers" screen as it scrolled down how people feel in our world - made me pray for people.  Very cool - here is the link - http://wefeelfine.org - The creator of the site gave a speech about it at TEDS which can be viewed here at the TED conference site.

On Science

  • There are two interesting posts up over at Uncommon Descent.  The first is a quote by Thomas Jefferson...though no fan of "Jesus, Jesus, we love Jesus" stuff he was certainly a proponent of design in the universe.  Great quote found here
  • Second, did you know you are 70% acorn...or visa versa...and you thought you were mostly chimpanzee.