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The New Top Ten List for Voting for the POCBlog

The Blog Madness has come down to the final four blogs over at Said at Southern. Reid happens to be the only blogger in the final four who also graduated from a school who is in the actual final four. That is just a cool fact for the journey - the top 10 (ok, I snuck in 11) new reasons to vote for Power of Change are included below. Just so you know - that cute little monkey's life is in danger so you need to vote today. Thanks for supporting us in this noble effort. Power of Changers - unite - it is time to vote today.

  • Ask not what your blog can do for you, ask what you can do for your POCBlog – vote now!
  • Steve McCoy – aka the Reformissionary, is already spending the prize money…help me by voting to demonstrate that pride cometh before a fall.
  • You all vote for American Idols…clear your conscience and vote for something other than idolatry.
  • I just blogged about Mixed Martial Arts – ever hear of a guillotine choke? I am not a violent man, but I would vote today.
  • The Kittens you already placed in heaven during the last round of voting are lonely. Every time you vote this round, a little baby seal will join your kittens. Additionally, if you know what capuchin monkeys are – well, I hear your vote saves them too (see my picture above...what did she say? save me!). 
  • A vote for the POCBlog will slow global warming – Al Gore has confirmed this inconvenient truth!  Save your friends living on the coasts of Great Britain today!
  • Did I mention that three Baptist blogs are ganging up on me? If you are a Baptist and a Baptist has ever made you angry, take out your frustration in a godly, non violent manner - vote POCBlog.
  • I might end up spending grocery money on books if I don’t win – my kids need to eat – vote for the starving children!
  • If I win and you are, say vote #500, I’ll buy you a book of your choice with the gift certificate – is this bribery? Not sure, but a book may be in it for you – vote today!
  • All the other guys in the race are fine men with fantastical blogging skills. Most of them have lots of other bloggers and RSS subscribing people reading their sites. Our site is read by you – the people, our friends. Let’s win this online competition with an old fashioned people network. Do tell a friend…vote for Reid today.
  • Finally, I am a church planter...a vote for us contributes 50 dollars towards church planting in the Northeast. 
Many thanks to all of you for your support - we are an underdog in this journey, but even though Davidson was eliminated tonight, Cinderella still lives if you vote for us today.