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POC Bundle 3.4.2008

General News

  • TED - Everyone's favorite group for cultural elites and world changers just finished up. Business Week explains TED for all us small people out there...they also provide a summary of the 08 conference.  A fun quote: Some, even BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy, accuse TED of being a self-satisfied meeting of the rich and successful, who meet to pat each other on the back, hear some thought-provoking ideas, and then zoom off in their hybrid vehicles or private jets (both equally objectionable to the naysayers) to count money at their hedge-fund headquarters or map the future in their ivory towers. Personally, I like geniuses, elites, futurists and uber creatives - they make me realize how cool Jesus is.
Islamic Watch
  • Oh No He Didn't - Apparently a member of the Dutch Parliament has put together a unflattering film about the Koran.  Cartoons had people calling for death threats upon Dutch cartoonists...I can only imagine the peaceful response coming from the religion of peace. Here is the opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Free Centros from Amazon - really, this looks legit. After rebates of course.

The Church

  • This article's title just shows me how sideways the Anglican communion can be in some places - Diocese Threatens to Suspend J.I. Packer - For those who do not know JI Packer is a very old scholar highly respected in many circles. He is the author of the book Knowing God which some already consider a classic.