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ESV News

A few interesting details on the English Standard Translation of the Scriptures.  First, Mark Driscoll gives a short description of the long...looooong awaited ESV Study Bible.  It sounds like they took the time to do it right...really right.  Looks to be a very important publication. Additionally, the translation is up to #4 in unit sales in data from February (see this pdf).  I think the addition of a full study Bible will only continue to help the adoption of the ESV. 

I came to the ESV dance back in 2003  - it is fun to see the translation continuing to gain traction. I was never able to switch from NIV to NASB...but the ESV was able to pry me from the translation I first read as a new Christian. I have enjoyed being an undercover ESV evangelist over the years.  I introduced it to our two teaching pastors at Fellowship in 2004 and then witnessed the conversion of our church from NASB to ESV in early 2006. 

My Bible Translation page has stuff on the ESV as well as the TNIV (me not like so much).