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POC Bundle 07.14.2008

I am visiting some friends in Blacksburg sans family - so I have been reading a bit on the net today...some interesting things to share.



  • iPhone 3G is selling by the millions, Apple AppStore by the Tens of Millions - very nice.  Soon it will be an Apple dominated world.  And we'll all be happy - you know, we love Big Brother when Big Brother loves you!  On the iPhone 3G, On the AppStore
  • Palm just launched a new Windows Mobile Smartphone - Yawn.  I love Palm though. Yawn. Wait - CNET says it is quite good.  OK, yawn.

Just for Fun

  • Stuff White People Like has a Facebook app and a new book version...also available by audiobook.  If there is one book to listen to for laughs this week in the car - it would be the Stuff White People Like audiobook.
History and Biography
  • NY Magazine reviews a book on the history of booze.  The book is entitled Drink A Cultural History of Alcohol. Seems like strong drink has a long history...