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The Office

No this is not going to be some pithy off the wall theo-commentary about the popularly funny sitcom "The Office" - Not that I am above doing that, but this office is my new home office.  Some generous servants from NC (thank you Terry, Tom and Charles) built and delivered me some incredibly sexy bookshelves which now house my small army of little friends.  Kasey and I cannot thank these men enough for all they did to help our home and family. 

And yes, I speak endearingly of my books.  Anyway, here is a picture of my shelves, my desktop, my office and my new printer which has brought both joys and pain.

The Shelves - this action shot features a twelve foot wall of wood with room to grow from the guys birthed out of brown Amazon.com boxes. It also features some framed Inversion gear from years past.  Some would ask why I don't have more books...some would think I have bookidolatry...my secret is keeping almost a thousand volumes (mainly classic works, references, lexicons and commentaries) on my hard drive courtesy of Logos Liboronix...awwww yeah. Click images for larger views.


The Office - here I sit with my Windows Vista equipped Dell Laptop, conceled USB hub for connected devices.  I have a minimal desk as most work is computerized...I have a small resource center behind me for printed materials, supplies and workspace for hole punching and paper cutting. Having your office in what is supposed to be "the living room" gives you a nice selection of windows. 


The Desktop - Currently I have some printouts on my desk in preparation for our first core get together for Jacob's Well on Sunday night.  Fall Schedules, Jacob's Well DNA files and some cool visual teaching thingys (can't show you pics of that - top secret) are there.  Also of note is a picture of me with my smoking hot wife, some new biz cards with my NJ 411 and slightly to the left is one of my daughters panda bears from the Littlest Pet Shop...yeah, I roll that way.


The Printer - this lovely guy is the subject of my previous blog post - well, sort of.  This was an unbelievable gift from a friend.  Color, full duplex, wireless and cost me nothing.  Did I say this was an unbelievable gift! 


So I am really thankful for my office, my bookshelves and gifted gear.  Yet I am not thankful for these in themselves...but rather their purpose in my life.  To be used in service of the giver of all good things.  St. Augustine once commented that to love a gift more than the giver of all things would be utterly absurd...I'll leave you with a classic quote from him on this.

“Suppose brethren, a man should make a ring for his betrothed, and she should love the ring more wholeheartedly than the betrothed who made it for her….Certainly, let here love his gift: but, if she should say, “The ring is enough.  I do not want to see his face again” what would we say of her?...The pledge is given her by the betrothed just that, in his pledge, he himself may be loved.  God, then, has given you all these things.  Love him who made them.”