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Chrome is Cool

OK, I should be getting some sleep but I have been wired all day and thinking too much about well...too many things.  Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know that Google's new web browser, Chrome...is pretty cool.

It is still beta software (meaning it is a work in progress...but you know Google calls everything beta just so you won't think it sucks if something doesn't work right) so there are some kinks. I have had a few tiny hiccups running Facebook and its inline spell checker won't work in my Movable Type Blog entry interface (a HUGE deal for me). Anyway, if you have not checked it out hop on over to this link http://www.google.com/chrome. There are some cool short vids and even a comic book (yes, really) explaining the features of the new platform.  

Just so you know - this is Google's OS play - they want to control the space that applications run in on your browser. It is an end around both OS X and Windows (or Ubuntu if you like) so developers can write software for the browser and not a certain OS API.  Kind of cool...but to be honest I like things that have a client and cloud computing combination...perhaps if Google can actually get Gears to work well it will be an interesting platform.  Yet for now I like it that I can get all my stuff to interoperate - I connectc to Exchange with Outlook, sync automatically to Google Calendar where I can see my stuff and our family's stuff overlaid with each other...and can access it all from my Palm Centro. 

In the evolving computer world this is an interesting play...whether they will take browser share from Internet Explorer or canibalize the market share gains garnered by FireFox is yet to be seen.  I will say that most people who are tech saavy have moved to the Fox...so it seems to me it isn't grandma who will switch or consider switching to Chrome - but FireFox users like me...if they can get spell check to work in ALL web forms. Those special nerds who use WebKit will enjoy Chrome - it is based on that rendering engine.