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Thoughts for the big game...

I was directly involved for about 12 years with a ministry called Athletes in Action. I first became a Christian through involvement with AIA and was on staff 8 years with the ministry in various different capacities. I recently began to volunteer time to AIA here in New Jersey at Rutger's University.  Ministry with college athletes has been part of my life for many years and I always try to keep up with that scente in some fashion.

Surrounding the upcoming national championship AIA has put together a web site called "Beyond the Ultimate" featuring the stories of Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and several other D1 football guys.  One of which, Orion Martin at Va Tech, is a friend that I have kept up with through text messages over the last few years (What's up O). I thought with all the buzz surrounding the big game this week that some of you might be interested in some guys who are living a victory beyond the competition.

You can hit the site up here: www.beyondtheultimate.org