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Boy oh Chinese Boy

What do you get when you have the following sociocultural mathematical equation:

UltraSound + Abortion of Female Babies + Cultural Engineering by Population Control + Traditional Favoring of Males =

It seems there is massive gender inequality in China, but not of a kind you are used to hearing about in America.  According to a story in the NYTimes, it seems there are millions more men in China than women (32 million or so of "reproductive age").  What might of caused this imbalance? Well, it is clear to some researchers:

The trend toward more male than female children intensified steadily after 1986, they said, as ultrasound tests and abortion became more available. “Sex-selective abortion accounts for almost all the excess males,” the paper said.

There are going to be a lot, and I mean a lot, of frustrated dudes in China soon...What does this mean geopoltically? It seems that this has many people concerned:

The Chinese government is openly concerned “about the consequences of large numbers of excess men for social stability and security,” the researchers said.

The planned murder of children, and in this case little unborn baby girls, is a heinous idea on its own.  It also seems to have some serious consequences for society...not to mention getting a date.  In all sobriety, millions of angry young men usually leads to very bad things in the world. But hey, we love the game of pretend where we act as though we are masters of our own destinies. The problem is that such deceptions have real world consequences and ideas always come home to roost.