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POC Bundle - 4.22.2009

Theological Reflection

  • Josh Patterson, one of the pastors at the Village Church outside of Dallas, TX is doing a short blog series on biblical sexuality.  I like the tone and approach he will be taking - you may want to read in. Our little deal on this subject is online here
  • Jeff Vanderstelt has some good words when discussing the establishing of the gospel in new places - I think Jeff's voice is needed in the "church planting" world that can get so dominated by marketing, buzz, spin and "doing church" the right way so big churches can happen.


  • Interesting little article entitled "The Case Against Cloud Computing" over at PC Mag online. I for one use several cloud services (Gmail, share some Google docage with some JW people) but still have everything local just in case Google goes the way of the earth or the way of Darth Vader. In another post, which is somewhat revealing, Matthew D. Sarrel, writes the following about "the cloud" - We've been hearing about "computing in the cloud" for some time now. Sounds fluffy... peaceful... idyllic... effortless. Wake up, people! Cloud computing is just another term for outside your control.  Finally, some reporting on positive advice on Clouds from Google - hey, how kind of them.
  • Hopefully I can connect to my cloud services through some Palm Pre Newness - hopefully coming in Mid May on SPRINT.  We have been on Sprint for about five years now - the customer support is actually better now, the prices very good and the network fast and reliable. I would actually recommend Sprint to you today - and with the new Pre coming - you really should make the move and save some cash.  AT&T and Verizon plans are too expensive.
  • Speaking of Pre, here is what one developer had to say: Tom Conrad, Pandora's CTO, says, "It's the combination of these kinds of capabilities that excites developers. Palm started with a clean sheet of paper. Everything about the Pre feels like it's 'future-oriented,' not an iPhone-inspired knockoff." The mobile phone OS space is much more interesting today.

Just for Fun

  • Where can you have 4/20 (aka weed smoker day), earth day, Ben and Jerry's free scoop day (related to the aforementioned earth day I believe) and Easter all within a couple of weeks.  The good ole US of A.  

Philosophical Reflection

  • It is Earth Day you know - thank God for the earth. It is true that the main cause and raison d'etre for some people today is saving the planet.  Ironically, this reason for existing only exists because of the optimism of a past era.  We would bring utopia through industry...now they say we will bring hell through much of the same. So we humans have a reason to live today - to save the planet, but we only have this reason because others junked it up (again, this is the argument, it is not accepted by all) Now, I have said I am all for Greeness...I just find it ironic this is the only purpose we seem to have today. A bit sad really - but the worldview of secularism is sad on the whole - we have the Watchman comic as proof.