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I wanted to ask everyone to pray for me this week as I am developing some resources that are pretty important for the future of Jacob’s Well.  I am working on our basic teaching/discipleship resources which all new folk to the church will go through as they become members of our community.  It is challenging to know what to include or not include, how deep to go or how to keep it simple…anyway, I have been working on our whole process a bit today and was encouraged…and very humbled.  I would appreciate you guys prayers.  Here are the pieces of the puzzle I am working on…

  • Discovery Lunch - an introduction to Jacob’s Well
  • Gospel Class - some central teachings of Christian faith
  • Mission Class - living on mission as the church, how we all fit together for his purposes

I also hope to get to a post on the ethical implications of robotic intelligence and terminators…but we’ll see…that may need to wait.