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Palm Pre - phone for the resistance...

Everyone knows that the Apple iPhone is a cool product.  Its keyboard really sucks, but the product is an amazing piece of technology. Yet for those who are not fanboys of the throng led by Steve Jobs the cool phone pickins have been pretty slim.

You could get a Windows Mobile phone and be stuck with a slightly worse than crappy user interface and a kludgy experience (apologies to my friends at Microsoft - I am a PC apologist, but the WinMo space stinketh).  You could get a Crackberry and be happy enough…but the cool factor is lower and the Storm was well, underwhelming.  Finally, if your were a Tmobile person you could get the Google phone (G1) and use it for about 47 minutes a day before recharging.  Plus, I can just see how Google will be slappin ads everyone on your phone at some point in time.

So, what was a gadget loving guy to do if he did not want AT&T and to fully embrace the Apple. Well, before now, he would just be a bit sad.  No longer my friends - there is now choice coming.  This Saturday the much awaited Palm Pre and its webOS newness arrives (although perhaps in low quantities) to Sprint stores, some Best Buys and Radioshacks.

As a current Sprint customer, I will be picking one up in the morning if a kind providence affords the opportunity. I have saved my pennies and resisted the iPhone man - looking forward to playing with my new little friend.  Pray that no idolatry creeps into the soul.


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