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Over the Grave Vol 1

Let me first say that I love music, but am no music snob. I don’t know what bands are it and what bands are poo-poo.  I am also not a musician and know more about choking someone out with certain wrestling holds than I do about the fret of a musical instrument. Yet I am a human being…and I do like music.

I have to say I love the new album from our friends at Sojourn Community in Louisville. I am not going to review the album, I’ll let the experts do all that schmack talking…what I will say about the new album - Over the Grave - The Hymns of Issac Watts Vol 1 is this: Get it now...

The good people over at Sojourn Music have taken the excellent poetry and lyrical hymn writing and mixed it up a bit.  Well, strike that - they have writtent their own music, arranged and dropped killer tracks with these killer words. If you are new to Sojourn - their Before the Throne is very good as well.

Brooks Ritter just kills it on the track “Living Faith” - it also vibed awesomely with a message I am working on for this weekend.