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Christmas Letters for the Kids


I wanted to share something that I am doing at Christmas for my kids. Grandparents and relatives are kind and very generous with our kids at Christmas so Kase and I have never really given our kids presents. It was not some intentional thing we just never did with the first kid and so we just kept the practice of blessing them on their birthdays and not giving them any presents at Christmas. Anyway, this year I was praying about how I could give a piece of me to my kids as I dearly love each of them.

On Christmas Eve morning I got up early and spent some time writing each of them a personal Christmas letter. I read about this somewhere or heard about this practice from someone but I honestly cannot remember where. The letters included things I enjoyed doing with them during the past year, things I appreciate about their character, things about Christ and a little exhortation for areas I wanted to challenge them in.  I also put some custom graphics on the page that relate to nicknames/themes I have with them (a baby duck for Kayla, a piece of candy for my Sweetie Ky and a Knight for Sir Thomas).

I printed the letters and placed them in a large clasp envelope and personally addressed them to the kids. On Christmas Eve I placed them within the branches of our Christmas tree and they were giddy with excitement and wondering what they were. Kayla of course said, I bet they are letters from Daddy! Kylene said it could be artwork! One, I cannot recall which, said “It could be money!” I asked Kayla before bed if she would rather have money or a letter and she said “a letter of course” - I winked at her and we went to bed. 

It was such a delight to write them but it was even more of a delight to open them Christmas morning.  I had all of them climb into my lap and I read them one at a time to each child as the others listened. The moment was one of the sweetest I have had with the kids and I think they will remember this for a long time. At least until next year - as we agreed this is now a family tradition. 

I thought about posting a pdf of the letters here and then decided against it.  Those were for two little princesses and one little Knight and I think we’ll keep it that way :-)

How can you give yourself to your kids in the holiday season? Think it through and come up with an idea, maybe this one, that you can do together as you turn your hearts toward your children.