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Athletes in Action Northeast Winter Retreat

This past weekend our whole fam was able to get away with some athletes from all over the Northeast. I was teaching a series of four messages about Jesus from the gospels and was also able to lead a Q&A discussion on some varied subjects theological and biblical. 

I wanted to link to a few of the seminars given during the weekend here on the POCBlog

  • Student Body - some reflection on a Christian theology of our physical bodies by David Buschman - AIA leader at Princeton University.
  • Sharing the Gospel - some reflections on evangelism by Jarrod Lynn, leader of AIA at Brown University. 

A few relavant links to some discussions that came up during my teaching and various discussions

Many thanks to all the staff, volunteers and students at the AIA Retreat. Athletes in Action is a spiritual home of sorts for Kasey and me.  It was great to have our kids - 9, 7 and 4 around the sort of environment I grew up in spiritually as a college student and one that Kasey and I served in full time from 1996-2004.