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Surprising our wives

Sometimes we think we have to suprise our ladies with some grand plan, super suprise party etc. Those are great – bring the big game from time to time for sure. Yet I have found over the years it is the very small surprises that build life into my wife. Here are a few ideas that you may want to consider.

  • Call and get the baby sitter – Kasey usually does this so when I do it on my own, planning ahead…it is a surpise.
  • Come home early when you can – but don’t tell her. Just show up at 3pm sometime and ask “you want to get out of here tonight?” Send her off to a coffee shop, dinner with a friend and take care of the kiddos. Yeah, go ahead and order pizza for the kids and have fun with them too.
  • Plan a family function – I suck at this so when I plan something it is a surprise. As simple as “lets play a game tonight after dinner” to “lets eat on the back patio” or “lets have a picnic at a park” have been good little surprises.
  • Text her during the day just to flirt – friendly flirting – wives typically don’t enjoy sexy flirting if it comes out of nowhere…tell her she is cute, tell her stuff about how impressed you are with her character, her love for God or quirky things only you world know…but if your wife wants to flirt sexy back – by all means take the flirting up a notch.
  • Cook for her – come home with a bag of special food and put the kids down early. Cook dinner with and for her – just to talk.
  • Pray with her – ask her for specifics – listen and pray for her.
  • Initiate in spiritual conversation – about a sermon, about something you could read together, about mission you and your family are living etc.

If you don’t do anything like this, go ahead and shock the world and get after it.
Love you brothers