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Evolve the Blog

I've never considered myself much of a "blogger" in the sociological sense. I don't obey the rules that make a blog great (post all the time, write short posts, focus the content, develop an audience, don't do anything else but be a blogger) and hence my blog is average at best. I do try to write substantial and thoughtful stuff in this world and I usually throw it up here.  So the ole Power of Change continues onward...it began as a Notepad coded site in 1996, morphed into several designs over the years, switched to a blogger blog in 2004, moved over to Movable Type for a while, then to Squarespace 5 a few years back. You can see pics and more on that here.

Today, Squarespace 6 gave me impetus to play around again and do a new design. It is simple, scales dynamically to mobile/tablets and was fun putting together.  I've added back some content I developed during my campus ministry years for all the friends who ask for those from time to time.  The graphic design is a bit aged on those but I think the content still helpful...and to be honest, with some of the design work I've seen in churches there is still stuff out there that looks worse.

The blogging about whatever shall continue by God's grace - mostly on random theological, personal, technological and philosophical stuff that crosses the mind and needs to get out somewhere.  Blessings guys.