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I'm in, you in?


There are many Christians across the racial and ethnic spectrum who pray, love and work hard to maintain the unity of the Spirit and bond of peace across all the things that we have inherited due to our history both good and evil.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that we all continue that work together despite the two presidential candidates that were put before the American people. I voted for neither of them. I would not and could not vote for either per my own conscience.

I pray this mess does not divide those of us who have worked so hard together. We have built some good ground together friends and I pray that we will continue to excel and build still more. We have to be committed to empathize, love and hear from one another.  There were and are many people involved in this election who were and are very fearful of the future. With either candidate and either outcome. We must work for justice, live in compassion and walk humbly with God. We must stand for righteousness and extend the grace of God to others in the suffering sacrificial servant's work.

We have a more excellent ruler and a more excellent way. We have a coming king and kingdom. We have much to repent of now and much in which we have hope. Most importantly, we look to Jesus and in the encouragement of the Scriptures we find hope.

I'm in. You in?