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Incredible, Amazing, Easy and Awesome...

Now I know why people love Mapple products so much…they are incredible, amazing, easy and awesome.  Where have I been?

Wasn’t that AWESOME!

Apple...saving cool people of the world...one "i" at a time

This, my friends is a graphic that went up today on Gizmodo. Just one more reason why I abstain from the Apple religion.  Do you and your friends all have the same exact laptop and same exact phone. If you do, it is strange…and people should not make images of Steve Jobs that look like this.

It is indicative of the modern condition that the only savior we might muster is a man in black turtlenecks, holding a gadget. I’ll say it again, little children, keep yourselves from iDolatry.

[Disclosure: For those of you who take things too seriously - this post is categorized under “just for fun” - I am joking…it is satire. We like the Mac/PC religious discussion here at the POCBlog, so don’t take this too seriously…somebody already did, so hence this disclosure. By the way, this was sent to me by a Mac friend with a note that read “as if you needed any more ammunition…this was just too good not to send…blessings…” You have to admit though…this picture…Ok, I’ll stop]

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