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Should pastors try hard to be uncool?

Note: Much credit to IX Marks, a ministry I love and respect, for the inspiration for this post.  I agree with most of what they wrote...maybe they will agree also with me? I added #7 of my own accord. 

  1. Being an uncool pastor is not the power of God for salvation—the gospel is. If we think that the success of our evangelistic efforts depends on the communication style we don't care about, we are missing it. We should just flow without any style so we can be sure the only thing that is attractive to anyone are Bible words. We should write them on vellum and keep them in our room. We want to show that our trust is in the power of God’s Word working by God’s Spirit, so we want to be as awkward and uncool as we can be so to be sure about this.
  2. Being disconnected to the culture is a double-edged sword. Though you can be sure you don't look cool, are not compelling, and be ignorant of what people care about, you might still be human enough to be in real relationships with sinners. Just don't be cool about it. Make them read the vellum if they want you to watch movies.
  3. Our desire to be uncool may reflect more pride than we’d like to admit. Let’s say you want to be pure, unaffected by the culture and only have heaven oriented slang, dress and style. Is your desire to cultivate that image driven by a desire to save the lost or a desire for people to like you? Or maybe to have God like you more than he likes cool pastors.
  4. Much pastoral ministry is profoundly cool. Preaching the cross is the power of God to save people is really cool. Moreover, faithfully pleading with others to repent of their sins and be reconciled to God requires a pastor to be earnest and enthusiastic (aka cool) in a way that is utterly at odds with the ironic detachment that being uncool requires. If you define cool as ironic detachment that is not cool.
  5. We must never despise “cool” brothers and sisters in Christ. The more we try to be uncool ourselves, the more we’ll be tempted to look down on Christians who are not like us. Like those who have lots of tattoos.
  6. Being unlike the culture can make it hard for others to see the gospel. The more we understand the world and its definition of “cool,” the less attractive we should find it. In fact, in a society that is increasingly morally and spiritually bankrupt, it may be our identification with people in culture that serves to highlight the gospel. Rather than trying to be uncool, pastors should lead their churches to cultivate a living presence with people in their own culture (to borrow from God's example in the incarnation) that points to a gospel that is genuinely different from what the world believes. It also will have the body of Christ walking among people in every day life. If we are unlike the culture they cannot hear us, see us or understand us...which makes it hard for them to see the gospel.
  7. We should be cool and uncool like Jesus and Paul - Jesus became one of us in this world, in culture, with people in culture, hanging out with cool and uncool, the outcast, the one's with tattoos and no tattoos, loving the lost and preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. We should also be cool and uncool like the apostle who for the sake of the gospel became all things to all people so that by all possible means he might save some. And he knew cool poems that the kids listened to also...which is kinda cool. He also preached the Christ crucified for sinners and the cross as the only grounds for justification by faith...which is really cool.
Many people assume that the best way to reach people is to not be like them at all. Like non earthlings that share no humanity, language, clothing, media and flow with them. So, if pastors don't want to reach cool people, they should try to be uncool. But there are several problems with the idea that pastors should not try to be cool:


Wrestling tips 101

OK, when I start teaching little Thomas Reid to wrestle I might show him this video first thing…with one small comment.  Don’t go down like this…too funny.

I needed a laugh tonight

One of the beautiful aspects of living here in Jersey is the sense of humor and the diversity of friendships God has given us.  So in honor of this I wanted to link to a few rendentions of the 12 Days of Christmas sent to me this week.

First, sent to me from an Italian friend, I give you the 12 Guido Days of Christmas…my favorite is number 5.

Second, for all my friends from the Desi nation, a friend sent me the following on Facebook…my favorite was number 11.


Incredible, Amazing, Easy and Awesome...

Now I know why people love Mapple products so much…they are incredible, amazing, easy and awesome.  Where have I been?

Wasn’t that AWESOME!

Apple...saving cool people of the world...one "i" at a time

This, my friends is a graphic that went up today on Gizmodo. Just one more reason why I abstain from the Apple religion.  Do you and your friends all have the same exact laptop and same exact phone. If you do, it is strange…and people should not make images of Steve Jobs that look like this.

It is indicative of the modern condition that the only savior we might muster is a man in black turtlenecks, holding a gadget. I’ll say it again, little children, keep yourselves from iDolatry.

[Disclosure: For those of you who take things too seriously - this post is categorized under “just for fun” - I am joking…it is satire. We like the Mac/PC religious discussion here at the POCBlog, so don’t take this too seriously…somebody already did, so hence this disclosure. By the way, this was sent to me by a Mac friend with a note that read “as if you needed any more ammunition…this was just too good not to send…blessings…” You have to admit though…this picture…Ok, I’ll stop]

Proof - All in the Genes...

This should settle forever that we know nothing…or everything about nothing or nothing about everything. You decide.

I guess the UFC guys have lots of punch in the head genes and “The Scientists” need to be punched in the head. Along with fundamentalists, liberals and coconut ice cream

(HT - Ben Vastine)

Yes kids, Mom and Dad did grow up like this...

In the 80s - yeah, we rolled like that…

Come to save the day...

Whether you love him or not, Barak Obama is the man. Some fun fare from the funny fellas at Jib Jab - whether you swing left or right, this has something for everyone…




On our advocation of reading...

We have been on record here on the POCBlog and in other places that we are very big on reading. We just want to help that well known chartiable cause of helping “the kids that can’t read good.” At both Inversion and at Jacob’s Well we have sought to write things that would encourage further thought and learning.

In 2009 at Jacob’s Well we have been teaching in the biblical books of Daniel and Ephesians and have written some essays surrounding subjects which have emerged during that study. You can see the Daniel stuff here and the Ephesians stuff here.

In favor of that great skill known as reading I also offer some encouragement and education by way of comedy…enjoy:

Weird Christian Things...

Theologically, Christians of all stripes believe that Jesus will some day bring the fullness of the Kingdom of God to the earth at the end of history.  Yet there are various views of how all this will go down.

Graphics like this make me realize that the Christian family has all manner of strange views…this stuff makes me thankful that I do not believe in the Pre-trib dispensational view. Blessings to all my friends who do :-)


My boys Rhett and Link are repping some waterproof cams while Phatdippin…ahhh yeah. Other internet vid peeps make some cameos as well…think Chocolate Rain, iJustine and a great Obama.

The Gathering/Convergence/New Age is near

In a few hours, Mapple fans throughout the universe will unite publicly at the pilgrimage known as WWDC.  At 10am PST, those in the temple will hush into a silence and Mapple computer screens (and some PC screens - gasp!) will tune in to see what the priests have to give.  Cheaper iPhones, more flash memory, 3.0 software (that will underwhelm Pre owners) and leopards that dash about in the snow! Will Steve step out from the shadows…oh, if Steve steps out on the balcony to wave we know the spirit of the age of Aquarius might be born anew. Gizmodo and Engadget will be blogging…many will stream video.

The true believers will party, begin to smugly mock RIM and PALM and WINDOWS and generally feel good about the world again.  After all, the webOS is better than current iPhone offerings - and this is just an unbearable, impossible situation that the high priests of “i” will certainly rectify today. Right?

This is funny stuff

Brought to you by the fine folks at Despair Inc.  Here is the link if you want one…

Bart Ehrman on Colbert

Bart Ehrman has a great way of rehashing 19th century biblical scholarship and making it sound scandalous and interesting to those in the news media.  But Stephen Colbert was not having it…

Ehrman and his ideas have been well answered recently by Darryl Bock/Daniel Wallace and Timothy Paul Jones. We reccomend these works.

Furniture for all people...

My boys Rhett and Link have another funny commercial running online...this one is a for a furniture store that sells furniture for black people, white people...and all people.

Why Tweet...just Flutter

Why Twitter when you can Flutter...next up is "Gaze" - where you type no characters and just stare like a zombie at blank computer screens with friends faces flowing by...The future is coming - and we are all idiots.

What you really want...is a Jetpack!

Yeah, you know you want your $90,000 jet pack...planes are so 20th century

How to self-destruct...

This guy has a good promo video for helping people write resumes, find jobs etc.

(HT - a link from JR Vassar led me to this)

Geeky Quotes of the Day

Here are a few geeky quotes that made me laugh today as I was scanning back through David Berlinski's book The Devil's Delusion - Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions.

On certain flavors of inflationary cosmology

During the 1980s, the physicist Alan Guth argued that the early universe was characterized by a period of exponential inflation. Very soon after it blew up in the first place, it blew up again. When suitably blown up, it stopped blowing up.  The Stanford physicist Andre Linde carried this idea a step further in his theory of eternal chaotic inflation.  Universes are blowing up all over the place. They cannot stop themselves.

Berlinksi, 122

And on the reductionism and evolutionary psychology of Steven Pinker:

When Steven Pinker writes that "nature does not dictate what we should accept or how we should live our lives," he is experssing a belief--one obviously true--entirely at odds with his professional commitments.

If ordinatry men and women are, like Pinker himself, perfectly free to tell their genes "to go jump in the lake," why pay the slightest attention to evolutionary psychology?

Why pay the slightest attention to Pinker?

Either the theory in which he has placed his confidence is wrong, or we are not free to tell our genes to do much of anything.

Berlinski 178

Amen, and Amen. 


My good friends Rhett and Link provide a recipe and a bit of faux history regarding one of my favorite green things to eat...yes, Guacamole.  See the madness below:

I seems my boyz have dialed in with the Food Network - seems to be a match made in heaven...I sure wanted to make Guacamole and get the recipe after watching that madness.  Here is the foodnetwork guac page. Enjoy

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