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Thoughts while shoveling snow

Yesterday Blacksburg, VA witnessed almost a foot of snow. Kayla Joy had her first taste of snowcream (which I am convinced is made and eaten only by those with roots in the south, anyone know different, drop me a note) and was quite thrilled. Danny White and I rose early to lift weights only to find the weightroom locked tight. A long walk in the snow never hurt anyone. I spent about 30 min shoveling snow around my court, trying to get folks ready to try and pull the cars out...good replacement for weight lifting...During my shoveling session I was thinking about a bumper sticker which I always felt had something missing - you know it Practice Random acts of Kindness and Senseless acts of Beauty It seems kindness and beauty have always been stand up guys for me, but sensless and random always seemed out of place. Would it not be better to practice targeted and purposeful acts of kindness in order to help someone? And is beauty ever senseless? Its seems to me that if something is truly beautiful, aethestically valuable, then it will probably be united with the good and the true. A friend of mine who has read much from a 20th century theologian (Hans von Balthasar of Basel) would probably agree that where you find the beautiful you will find there also something good and in someway true. Anyway, enough of that. On to read what the Lord of Heaven and earth (the beautiful, good and true one - oops I did that again) has to say in 2 Samuel 18 Speaking to the Soccer team this morning as well, pray that goes well as we introduce the new guys to VTAIA I'm out...