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Life lived between two poles

Today was an illustrative day of what it means to live life with the fullest joys as well as sorrows. It seems the reality of this present age is filled with days that can be hellish - days in which the hardships and difficulties of human life are ever so real. While at the same time, the glimpses of heaven, the realities of love shower through like the scattered rays of the sun - whispers of deep promises, coming - yet not yet fulfilled. Today, I kept my too little girls (Kayla and Kylene) while my wife hit the post Thanksgiving ruckus - known amongst the brave as - shopping. Rather than navigate the throngs of deal seekers, I kept the babies for the day. Oh what a day. From omelets in the morning with a three year old - running from lions, giants, and crocodiles (all in the beautiful imagination of a little girl), to holding a cooing baby - today was a blessed day. But in the middle - we had severe potty wars - as Kayla did not want to go potty with her shoes on. Thinking that we would come in from outside - go potty - and then return to fun and games was to naive for a Daddy. No, Daddy, we don't go potty with shoes on - well, after a 20 min fit, I finally learned that we should take the shoes off. I also learned that three year olds do not mean what they say amidst tears and cries of "I want my Momma." So being the big man, I shrugged of the "I don't like you" (that cut like a dagger - oh, the small hurts of lie) and waited for my little girl to calm down. Then the remorse and hugs from her were quite dear "Daddy, I do love you, I'm sorry for pitchin that fit" - the glimpse of heaven broke in again. Thankful for my heavenly Father, we puts up with each of our own messes. In His Grace today - I am thankful Out...