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The Anatomy of a Great Week

Some weeks in my life have been very hard - the weeks in which my wife and I miscarried were hard - and each one, and we went through five, was harder than the previous one. I have had excruciating weeks in my life - where hope, though still burning in our hearts as embers, did not have the grand flames that other weeks have had. This week however, November 28 - December 2004, was a great week! In such weeks - in which I not only see and savor Jesus Christ with great clarity and affections - but also see my life involved in things of eternal signifcance - I just get overwhelmed with gratitude to God. This week, in a kind providence, God graced my life with the following:
  • Systematic Theology - I have to admit, that I love theological and philosophical reflection, and this week, I finished up a class in "Prolegemena, The Doctrines of Revelation/Bible, and Theology Proper - the Doctrine of God" - do those terms not just sing! I took a final exam this week which was just a great enjoyable experience - thinking deeply and learning - that is part of a great week
  • Inversion Fellowship - This week we had great meetings with our Inversion leaders as well as our bi-weekly Inversion Gathering. This week at our Gathering we discussed The Intersection of Truth and Life, specifically we talked together as a young adult community about moving Towards an Integrated Christian World and Life View - in other words, how does a view of what we believe effect how I live and understand our complex world and its contemporary issues. It was an awesome night...
  • Virginia Tech won the ACC in Footbally by schlacking the Miami Hurricanes. It was a fine day to see guys I have mentored and discipled for the past several years achieve a great victory on the field. Plus, I love football and it has been a great season to be a fan.
  • Fellowship Bible Church - This week I had the humble priviledge of teaching at our new church. The Lord really blessed me in my preparation and deliveray of a message from HIS word in John 8:37-59. God never ceases to humble me that he would use me for his glory in the lives of others - I am so thankful that he does not share his glory with anyone, including those who teach - yet I am also thankful that he would use me, although in a small way, to affect others for his name sake.
  • My wife Kasey - I cannot believe how much of a hero my wife is in my life. She is tirelessly loving our two girls (who could be a bullet point of blessing in their own right), she is encouraging me in my calling, be a friend as we walk life together, and is a great example to others around her. I cannot get over how much of a blessing this woman is to me - she is the answer to the first "selfish" prayer I ever prayed way back in 1992. God could have given her and her alone to me - and I would have been blessed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond anything I could imagine. Thanks Kasey - I hope you read this - I love you.

Yes, it has been a GREAT week. Out