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A Lesson in Leadership - 1 Kings 12

In 1 Kings 12 we find the intriguing story of the transfer of power in the Kingdom of Israel. Solomon has gone the way of the earth and power is to be conferred to his son Rohoboam. Israel assembles to make Rehoboam King, another leader Jeroboam returns from Egypt and with the assembly asks the new young ruler to lighten the load upon the people and they will serve him as their king. Rehoboam receives to lines of counsel. The first is from the old and the wise who had counseled Solomon in his day. Rehoboam may have been exposed to the proverbs of Israel (many penned by his father) and may have know that: The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old. Proverbs 20:29 Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life. Proverbs 16:31 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22 The counsel of the wise is this - If you will be a servant to this people today and serve them, and speak good words to them when you answer them, then they will be your servants forever. Rehoboam, however, also had another voice to listen to, one of youth, one of his buddies, one full of the spirit of indolence and folly. The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly. Proverbs 15:2 The young men Reheboam, give this insight to the fledgling ruler - ‘My little finger is thicker than my father’s thighs. And now, whereas my father laid on you a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke. My father disciplined you with whips, but I will discipline you with scorpions.’ ” Upon taken this advice, the kingdom is fracture into two factions, and Rehoboam's leadership is undermined. Indeed, their is wisdom in the counsel of the experienced, the seasoned, the elder before us. Finally, a Great Reminder is found in 1 Kings 12:15 So the king did not listen to the people, for it was a turn of affairs brought about by the Lord that he might fulfill his word, which the Lord spoke by Ahijah the Shilonite to Jeroboam the son of Nebat. Even in the midst of the folly of Rehoboam, God was Sovereign, fulfilling his purposes for his people. This is a great encouragement to me. Even as I make decisions today - some wise, some foolish - the gracious hand of providence leads us forward. Such a bulwark to know that -In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Out...