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A few quotes I came across today

Today I went for a jog and took a long an audio biographical sketch of the Puritan Theologian John Owen. Owen, who lived at the height of English Protetantism 1616-1683, and served as Oliver Cromwell's personal chaplain and theologian wrote close to 22 volumes which survive and are read today. Some of his life and doctrine I'm not sure if I fully can assent (certainly I cannot make a judgement either way without reading him in source) but some of the quotations I pulled out were astonishing and exhortive in my soul. Thought I would share:
On our friendship with Christ Christ is our best friend, and ere long will be our only friend. I pray God will all my heart that I may be weary of everything else but converse and communion with Him John Owen, God's Statesman, p. 153. Friendship is most maintained and kept up by visits; and these, the more free and less occasioned by urgent business ... John Owen, Works, VII, 197f. On Leadership of the Church I am leaving the ship of the Church in a storm, but while the great Pilot is in it, the loss of a poor under-rower will be inconsiderable The Correspondence of John Owen, p. 174. On Study and Insight into The Scriptures I must now say, that, after all my searching and reading, prayer and assiduous meditation have been my only resort, and by far the most useful means of light and assistance. By these have my thoughts been freed from many an entanglement. Works, I, p. lxxxv.