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Big Week

I wanted to drop a request to everyone to pray for us over the next week or so. I am speaking or teaching 7 times in the week 9/30-10/7 – I wanted to ask everyone to pray that God’s strength would sustain me while on the road and bring his Word through me with grace, conviction, encouragement and power. Here is the schedule 9/30 – Inversion (new young adult ministry) Leaders gathering 10/1 – NC/SC Campus Crusade Catalytic (Non-staffed campuses) Retreat – first message 10/2 – NC/SC CCC – 2 messages 10/3 – NC/SC – last message 10/5 – Wake Forest Athletes in Action meeting 10/7 – First public Inversion Meeting starting the new work… There are over 300 students signed up for the Crusade event – close to double its size from last year – I am praying the Lord really moves in the lives of the students… Out...