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Peru - final update...

We are just returning from our trip into Peru...we could not have imagined how successful the trip would be before we departed. Our first Apologetics Conference was a huge success and brought national attention in Peru. Over and over again we were told that the churches in Peru do not discuss the topics we were addressing during the conference.
  • Intelligent Design and Evolution
  • Postmodernism, Relativism and Pluralism
  • Human persons? Abortion, cloning, and Euthanasia

These were the topics addressed during out week at the conference. We are know praying about two possible return trips in 06 - one for youth the other perhaps a national event.

Dale and I ended up two doing TV interviews surrounding the event and the president of the TV station is asking us to come back to do more in the area of Apologetics for the Peruvian people. It was an exciting week and we were shown so much love and kindness from the people of Peru. We pray that the churches of Peru would raise up leaders for society - in science, politics, and pastors. To change their culture and lead it into the 21st century. Thank you all for your prayers and the encouragement along the way. Out...