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My favorite Christmas Present

File this under the "more evidence that I am weird" category. After much of my complaining about all these plastic bowls and lids creeping in, out and over our counters, my wife surprised me with a Christmas gift. Yes, this is one of those deals that only the blessed the sleepless watching infomericials may know about. The vaunted Smartspin storage system! Yes, when I unwrapped this, I scratched my head as if to say "this is for me? But after the installation today, I knew my wife did love me very much. Now, I just put some chili in these, we'll see how well they hold shape, whether they will absorb colors from food (chili is a good test), and "dishwasher safe" they really are. And no, they did not pay me to write this - I was just thankful for this practical little household product. ...