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Conference Lust Part Deux

Earlier, I Repented of Conference Lust... During this one I am not preaching the gospel in Peru - so maybe...God willing...if my wife will let me...if I can get some cool brothers to go with... I just may have to make this trek in Sept 06 - The DG National Conference In all seriousness - I think this conference is a vital gathering of church leaders around a very important issue for our generation. It seems the gathering of men are theologians, pastors and evangelists dedicated to some very important things:
  1. Connecting and Communicating the gospel in every age, to every culture
  2. Going to cities and cultural centers to do so
  3. Holding to Truth and not allowing one culture (in our case emerging western postmodern culture) to subvert and reign over the Gospel.
So, missional faith, sound doctrine, culturally immersed and relevant, for all peoples - O Lord God you have this path set forth in the wilderness of our times. Keep our feet fast to these paths and holding forth and holding fast your Word. Relativistic epistemologies and compromised preaching - away with thy bidding! May love of neighbors and cultures be in our souls and above all earthly powers...may Christ be all. ...