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Current Reading - Jesus Driven Ministry by Ajith Fernando


I just started a book entitled Jesus Driven Ministry by Ajith Fernando (Crossway, 2002) . The book is Fernando’s look at the manner of Jesus’ ministry to others primarily derived from the early chapters in Mark. Put very simply, the book is a plea for the basics of Christian ministry amidst the Western churches obsessions with therapy, marketing, and CEO style pastorates. I am three chapters in right now - and it has been very good. Fernando’s writing style is a bit like organized stream of consciousness, following a good outline, but wandering down some trails at his leisure. Some of what I have read has been a refreshing sort of thinking out loud. Having recently heard Fernando speak on similar topics, it is fun to “hear” him in my head as I read along. Here is the Table of Contents for the book. I look forward to the chapter on Discipling Young Leaders - surprisingly this can a lost art in many places which are no longer focused on raising up young men for the ministry of the gospel.

  1. Identifying with People 17
  2. Empowered by the Spirit 29
  3. Affirmed by God 47
  4. Retreating from Activity 61
  5. Affirming the Will of God 73
  6. Saturated in the Word 89
  7. Facing Wild Animals 107
  8. Bearing Good News 115
  9. Growing in a Team 131
  10. Discipling Younger Leaders 153
  11. Launching Disciples into Ministry 171
  12. Ministering to the Sick and Demon-Possessed 189
  13. Visiting Homes 209
  14. Praying 225

Fernando has a very unique perspective being from Sri Lanka, a country which has been plagued by civil war for many decades. He is the president of a national evangelistic organization, a lay local church leader, and a Christian thinker. He has has written a commentary on Acts, devotional literature, as well as an excellent treatment of the person of Christ. When he calls pastors to suffer for and become weak for the sake of others, we hear it from a man who has walked in a different setting than our own. A setting where the Christian faith is a minority point of view and one that is deeply informed by the necessity of the gospel for his people. Here are a couple of articles about the Sri Lankan church:

We would do well do have ministry that is driven. Driven by humilty, service, prayer, rest, and submission to God’s Word. All with the model being that of Jesus rather than modern corporate professionals…