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Is this Good?

OK, there is an upcoming debate on "Calvinism" in October. Over at the fun fundamentalist site, Challies says "this could be a good one".  Here is my question.  Is this a good use of our time?

Pro - Why this could be good

  • Every generation does not understand or been exposed to the historical discussions (Pelagius/Augustine, Luther/Erasmus, Whitfield/Wesley, White/Caner???) surrounding election, sovereignty, foreknowledge, etc.
  • Believers are a bit doctrinally apathetic...well, lets just say ridiculously, sadly, pathetically even, doctrinally apathetic.  So this debate shows that doctrine matters.
  • Some may be encourage at the majesty of God seen in the Bible through a debate like this.
  • I just love debates...I am convinced this is predestined, I just can't help it.
Con - Why is this good?
  • Here we have major teachers, professors, evangelists, apologists "going at each other" - don't we have enough deceitful philosophies "out there" to deal with rather than putting all this energy into intramurals?
  • Could this not just polarize the Calvinist groupies and the Arminian groupies and make a big mess?
  • Are there not enough people needing compassion and the gospel that need our attention rather than putting our efforts into such an event?
I find myself a bit ambivalent about this event...What do you think? Is this good?