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A Worldview from a Monkey


This is a great example of a worldview. A self-referentially incoherent worldview; indeed, nihilism has always cannabilized itself. It cannot be sustained. At least this attempt is a bit funny...or is it?

Check this out - Dance, Monkeys, Dance - then come back...

One interesting feature of this filmstrip is that is plays the rather played out song and dance that "religion" is the source of all wars, then it displays an image of a 20th century war that was related more to atheistic economic theory than religion.  Go figure.  

Additionally, he goes on to say "the monkies have so much potential if they would only apply themselves" - what does that mean?  Potential for what?  For if the worldview of this filmstrip is true...then one monkey way is as good as another - in fact, there is no good, there are just monkies, and we have nothing left to say.  Yet the author seems to have a lot to say...I wonder why that monkey feels compelled to speak?