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Peru Update

A team of 16 young people from Inversion has traveled down to Comas, Peru to serve along side a local church in its outreach efforts.  Yesterday we made the jaunts through airports and across latitudinal lines south to our friends home.

After very little sleep, we began our day in worship and prayer with our Peruvian sisters and brothers.  An incredible time together.

Tonight we traveled into Lima for an outreach to young professionals.  Around 1200 came out to hear a lecture I gave entitled "Decoding Da Vinci" - I was able to focus on the trustworthy nature of our New Testament and the divinity of Jesus.  It was blessing to be able to share the gospel and a testimony of the transforming power of God.  After the talk we took questions from the audience for close to an hour.  I was amazed at the desire to know truth and to wrestle with questions about the historical Jesus.  More than anything we all sensed the risen one at work among the people who attended.  For this we offer many thanks.

Tomorrow I preach four services in the morning (a fun Mother's Day message) and then we kick off our Apologetics Conference in the evening.  Dale Fincher of Soulation joins me in the labor tomorrow.  I will speak 11 times in 7 days including two open forums on University Campuses on Thursday May 18.  Kasey, thanks for letting me share the gospel with these students on our anniversary.  Can't wait to celebrate with you upon my return.

Much love to all who are praying for our team