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Resuming the Blog

I have been thinking whether it be right to begin to write (sorry about that little right/write thing there - it was an accident) again while our boy has been struggling.  The more I prayed about it and talked to Kasey, the more I realize how much I need to continue to walk in the callings on my life...especially in the midst of difficulty.  For the very things I believe so deeply make it possible to persevere in the rivers of travail. 

So, I will begin to post again here tonight.  First perhaps with just mentioning some web sites, then on to a few posts I want to get to.  One particular one on a Psychology Today article on how we are raising a bunch of wimpy kids.   Tommy, we are raising to be a theologian/warrior/humble/servant/strong man of God.  One who will weep with the broken, bind the wounds of the weak, and punch the wicked man in the mouth who tries to mess with his sisters.