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Lust and the Young Bucks

There are all types of strategies, gimmicks, tricks, will power, just do it schemes out there to help the young bucks flee youthful lusts (or old lust for that matter) and win every man's battle.  I know of no other counsel which is better than found below: 

"The way to fight lust is to feed faith with the precious and magnificent promise that the pure in heart will see, face to face, the all-satisfying God of glory."

John Piper Future Grace, pg. 338

An all satisfying desire will expel lesser and base affections.  Fill your soul with a vision of the living God and the darkness of your own soul will be lifted by the light of his face. 

Usually I counsel young guys in a threefold fashion in dealing with these demons...

  1. See what empty and cracked cisterns of your soul you are trying to fill.  Usually dudes get into porno when they are lonely, empty, longing for intimacy, weary, stressed out.  See what the sources are that are cracking the soul.
  2. Cut the sewage pipes.  Bottom line is that you need to cut the avenues of junk into your life.  One guy told me he didn't have the cash to get his internet connection filtered.  I told him he had two options a) find the cash b) cut of his internet all together.  The money did surface
  3. Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness (1 Timothy 4:7).  We need to walk with God in the means of grace he has given us.  We need to see him in Scripture, commune with him in prayer, worship together with his people, seek solitude alone, participate in the Lord's supper, and fill our souls with an all satisfying vision of Jesus.
I know some of the 12-step stuff is good.  No hating on that here.  But I find the above 3-step to be an excellent way to move towards God and out of the sewers darkened hearts.