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POC Bundle 8.29.2006

General News

Project Management Source has a list of pop business productivity wisdom entitled Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your lifecomplete with a reference to "ZEN" - my how we love ZEN in just about everything today.  Some of this is good advice, most is the commons sense, blah, blah, blah that sells many books and lacks serious reflection.

Calculate your Miles Per Dollar - you know how many miles per gallon you get in your ride...now you can see how many miles you get for every George Washington in your wallet. I get about 9 miles per dollar...so it costs me about $1.96 round trip to my office each day.


Is there a new evil empire brewing?  Google CEO Eric Schmidt joins Apple's board.  I had one friend tell me they were boycotting apple because they are becoming "the man" - this indeed looks more likely now that "the man" of Internet searching and page ranking has joined the board. 

The Old Evil Empire (you know Microsoft) has just released their first "release candidate" of Windows Vista.  Oooo can't wait.  Actually, with our next PC purchase we will be choosing between the Old and New evil empires...what to do?