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A Better Day...Update on Thomas

Thomas Reid Monaghan

Today was a much better day for our new son. Kasey and I went to the NICU this morning praying that we would see much progress in Thomas' condition. Today at 11am the doctors fed him 1/2 oz of glucose water to see if his stomach would begin to hold down and process fluids. He did very well with the water so he was given a small amount of Kasey's milk at 2pm. Again, he did quite well and seemed to enjoy eating. At 5pm we went in to see if Kasey could feed him; he took to her right away and was able to eat quite a bit. We were so thrilled to see him be able to begin to eat. His bowels still are moving very slow; the next 24 hours should give the doctors time to see if all his systems are coming online together and working well.

 If all goes well we should be able to take him home in a few days. He will be tested for his bilirubin levels in the morning as he has developed some jaundice. This is not serious, but it may require him to go to the tanning beds for a couple of days.

We are so thankful for his progress and look forward to spending time with him tomorrow. The doctors have explained that his systems were just slow to come on after he exited the womb. First, his respiratory system struggled to come on and then his digestion. It is amazing to think how these circumstances would have gone 200 years ago before the development of modern neonatal care. We are thankful for the providence and grace of God to place little Thomas in such capable hands. Over the next few days we will be back and forth to the NICU to feed the baby and I will shuttle between hospital and home to spend time with our girls.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and encouragement - this has been some of the longest days of our lives, but today our spirits were greatly lifted. Our little dude has fought his way out of this hole and we pray he will be ready to go meet the rest of his family very soon.

Soli Deo Gloria