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System 3 - Thomas and Bilirubin

Apologies for the humor and the cheesy 1980s music - I was helping Kasey to laugh when seeing Tommy with his shades on...

All systems are almost a go with little Thomas - System 1) Respirtory - Check System 2) Digestion - Check System 3) Liver processing of bilirubin - working on it...

I just returned from the NICU where we were with Thomas.  His bilirubin level was high this morning and his color, which the doctor described as looking like a pumpkin, corresponded.  For about 24 hrs he will be put under the lamps to adjust the levels.  By this time we hope his liver will be processing fine.  Mom is still very concerned but we are doing well and trying to enjoy one another and the time we have with Tommy in the NICU. 

Mom and baby are bonding well and Thomas is showing that he has a huge appetite.  I may treat him to a nice steak dinner here soon via his Momma.  Kasey is tired and I am hoping to take her to a nice dinner here very soon. 

The interesting conversations continue with the staff of the NICU.  Yesterday I was discussing microevolution and macroevolution and the possibility of an historic Adam and Eve with one of the nurses.  She seemed taken aback that one can have a keen interest in science yet still believe in the Adam (hebrew for "man") and Eve narrative from Genesis.  The time has been good but I feel I am beginning to drift spiritually a bit due to the schedule and circumstances.  Please pray for Kasey and I that we have some down time to read the Scriptures and find some solitude in the coming days. 

By the grace of God, it is looking like we may be able to go home sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday. 

One more video for the road, again, it has a goofy daddy's voice on it...