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Update - Unforseen events...

I sit by myself tonight with a troubled soul. Little Thomas’ progress has been good, we had seen much to be encouraged by today. About four hours ago things got very complicated. I went home to grab Kayla and Kylene to bring them up for a time with Momma and their baby brother. When Ky woke up from her nap we realized that she had broken out in chicken pox. What we thought had been a few bug bites had grown and the reality became evident. Our pediatrician confirmed it and we all just about puked at all the implications.

First, Ky and Kayla both were in the NICU with Thomas, both had touched his fingers. They had both been scrubbed thoroughly before entrance, but it brings fear to our hearts to think that the virus may have come into contact with the baby. What is a traumatic and itchy experience for little kids can be of the utmost severity to even a healthy newborn. So we are praying, weeping, and begging God that the damnable virus did not contact Thomas’ weak body. He has been isolated in the NICU as a precaution to protect the other babies. This is our deepest concern that Tommy come to health and then not have this pox. Please, please pray.

Second, Kasey has been instructed to not go near our children for the next 5-6 weeks. The virus’ incubation period is 10-28 days so we must wait for 28 days after Kylene’s outbreak clears to see if Kayla comes down with it. Thomas and Kasey will stay out of the home for this time period. This breaks our heart for the girls, for Mom. Once Thomas clears his own issues and makes it out of the NICU we will be looking for a small apartment, mother-in-law suite for Kasey and Thomas to stay which is close to our home. I will be traveling back and forth between the two parts of our family serving their needs (please pray I will have the strength and passion to love deeply in all places). We are thankful that our ministry is full of young people without kids, many of whom have already had the chicken pox. We are in need of your help Inversion; we are thankful for your hearts and hands.

We never anticipated these events when we went into labor on Thursday…first Thomas’ struggle and now this convergence of events. We do rest and trust in the knowledge that this is own who knows all we are experiencing and is walking with us, yes, even leading us on every path. We know that his presence is going with and before us and he will provide the grace and mercy and help in our time of need. We know that he is working all these things for his good purposes and for our growth – we know that he is to be seen and savored through all of these things. Our emotions are raw; we can barely hold back tears in the strangest places.

We feel so loved and supported by so many friends; we do not even know yet what we even need and so many are offering support. We are overwhelmed and a bit in shock, but we do know that we have not walked in the valley of the shadow to the extent that others have…we certainly know our God went through much more on our behalf when Christ endured his cross. We rest upon him, though our vision is in a fog.

  • Pray for Kasey – she is very tired, emotionally drained and she is so needed by Thomas
  • Pray for Ky – she is going through chicken pox without her Momma
  • Pray for Kayla – she is old enough to understand all that is happening and overheard my conversations on all of this…her reply was tearful – I don’t want to be apart from Momma for a month
  • Pray for my Mom – she is manning the home front for us this week
  • Pray for me – I am spread thin and weary – but feel his strength
  • Pray for those who need Jesus and how we may bring the gospel of the suffering Son of God to ears in pain and spiritual lostness.
Thank you.