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A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Question of God - Part II

…continued from Part I

An Invitation to Open Roads

Now some questions have answers, yet there are many which will remain unanswered.  Here I only I want to interact about one of the most important questions which has been asked in every culture, place and time. In bringing to you such a pesky idea as the Question of God, I invite you for a few moments to allow your mind to step free of your concerns.  You know getting a job, the wonderful achievements of the Dow Jones, getting a date, your fantasy football team, Facebookery or watching The Office can wait.  

As we begin I want you to think about hitchhiking for a minute.  Any hitch-hiker worth his salt has a few important characteristics. First he has a free spirit and an open mind.   I am concerned that some of you reading might just have a closed minded to the question of God. I want to ask you why?  And hope you might at least open your mind to the question.  Furthermore, a hitchhiker is always heading down a somewhat open road.  In other words, I want you to be able to ask the question “is God real” and then be courageous enough to follow what emerges from the question.  Hitchhiking is not for cowards you know.

So the guide at this point is simply to ask you two questions.  Two rather big ones…

  • Is God Real?
  • Has God ever shown up in our world in tangible way?

As the road is open to all travelers and sojourners let us open the hitchhiker’s guide and get to work.

…continued - Part 3 - Is God Real?