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A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Question of God - Part III

…continued from Part II

Is God Real?

We could go various directions in our hitchhiking and wanderings about the question of God but the first question we ask is rather simple. As we look towards the heavens we must ask if we are alone in the universe or whether there exists a being of a superior intellect and power. People have approached the existence of God through several big existential questions.  We ask questions of Origin; from where did we and this universe come?  We ask questions about the meaning or purpose of life?  We ask questions about justice, right and wrong and scream for various flavorings of morality.  Finally, we wonder about the end of our short lives and ask whether there is anything more?  I find these questions of origin, meaning, morality and destiny great clues as to whether God is real. 

I intend no great philosophical and scientific proofs or discussions here; you may find that many places on the net and through books over at Amazon.com. I’ll make some suggestions for you at journeys end, but here I only offer these questions as clues.


Almost everyone who asks the question of God tends to begin with the fact that we are here and were not always here.  Every view of life and the world offers some account of where we come from and the answers are a bit of a smorgasbord.  We either came from the back of a turtle, from the magical exploding of nothing, from a higher power or from a personal creator.  How you answer determines how your road unfolds.  It seems to me that life is very personal rather than non personal so I ask you, could it be that the reason we exist is that someone wanted us to? I have found in my own travels that current understandings in astrophysics, cosmology and the ancient Hebrew Scriptures seem to agree.  There was once a time when matter/space/time and conscious beings did not exist.  Then there was a time “after” [metaphysically or logically “after” as time itself was created here] in which they did.  What happened?  I think this is a great clue to the question of God.

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