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Tuesdays in Time

I am going to start running a somewhat regular feature here on the POCBlog which has arisen out of my recent return to the gym. Recently I have been riding the exercise bike and reading Time Magazine.  It has been good to ride hard and read what the good editors of one of America's news weeklies has to say about life and their interpretation of the news.  Interestingly enough I find the worldview expressed in Time to be highly naturalistic and reductionist even with their hat tip stories and a few interviews on religious matters. 

So, due to my bike time thinking about Time I am going to start ot interact with some of their features on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays in Time I will call it...I hope it will be a good exercise in thinking about subjects of interest being treated in the marketplace ideas.  So far I know there will be something coming on the chemistry of love, scientists "creating" life and curing addicts through giving them drugs.  Other than that, time will tell what I meet upon the exercise bike in the coming days.  Should be a fun time.

I may engage a monthly in the Monthly as I enjoy reading in the Atlantic Monthly - but for some reason this month's cover is about Brittany Spears...which is makes it feel like a tabloid for some reason.  I am guessing it will have some good social commentary about the rise and troubles of everyone's favorite Mousekateer, Mom and dance club Maverick.