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Blog Madness 2008 - Vote POCBlog

OK, some of the men over at Said at Southern have created a sort of NCAA tournament for blogs associated with Southern Seminary.  The POCBlog was included and received enough votes to make it out of round one.  Now it has come to the second round and it has gotten a bit crazy.  I think the 50.00 gift certificate to an online bookstore has fired up the theology book guys.

So, I decided to do my own, very public, shameless plug.  Here is what you need to do.

  • Go to this web site and vote for POC - we are in the South Division
  • Vote, then get your family members to vote - your spouse, each of your children - you need not be a land owner to vote
  • Then put it out to all your friends on Facebook and MySpace - ask all of them vote
  • Then send it to any e-mail list you have - have all those people vote

It is time to hear the roar of the POCBlog - men and women - let's get to work.  There is great power to create real change.  Not convinced?

Top Ten Reasons to vote POCBlog 

1. Help out the minority - almost all the other guys are Baptists
2. Stand with the POCBlog - we are a family here - a family that votes together, stays together
3. I know how to apply UFC fighting techniques
4. Owen Strachan once called this blog "punchy" - it is time to punch back
5. Support Reid's addictive book buying habits
6. Every vote for the POCBlog saves a kitten...and that kitten will get to go to heaven
7. Jesus loves you
8. Because Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them
9. If that song makes you sick - go do something about it - vote Power of Change
10. My kids want me to win - they will cry if I loose - you don't want to make my kids cry - please vote on behalf of Kayla, Kylene and Thomas Reid

Here is the link - you know what to do (-vote-)