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OK, I'm a bit giddy

Despite the fact that all three of my kids are sick today...despite the fact that my property taxes next year will likely be as much as my current house payment...I am a bit jovial today.

The ESV Study Bible Web site just went live - and man they are doing this thing right.  Props to the moms and pops at Crossway and the team putting this together.  A few highlights.

  • Pub date is October 2008
  • The page layout looks great. Single column reading of the text...
  • There will be an online edition launched along with it - you buy the book, you get web site access as well. 
  • Full color illustrations/maps - see sample image here
  • Eight formats including an affordable hardback at just over 32 bucks
  • Greg Allison, my good friend and member of an advisory council for Jacob's Well wrote one of the articles.  See all contributors here.