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The Nine

During the summer of 2004 our family moved to the Nashville metro area to begin to walk towards  the beginnings of a work with young adults in that city.  In October 2004 we held our first public gathering for the Inversion Fellowship - a group of young adults that I have walked with over the past 3.5 years.  In this first short years of Inversion’s existence we wanted to create a culture that wrestled openly with the issues of life, theology and mission – living very much on the ground of contemporary culture.  We didn't hire the coolest band in Nashville, we didn't have laser light shows and we didn't call people to simply get married, be happy and settle down with a little Jesus on the side. Our hope and prayer was to find life and satisfaction in the goodness and greatness of God and then to give our lives together for the Kingdom. 

We also thought it wasn't "cool" to not read or think deeply about the issues of truth and life.  We value laughing deeply together but not remaining ignorant about the intersection of truth and life. One of the bi-products of this turned into a series of short booklets (some are a bit more bookish) that we just finished and have "self-published" for our peeps in Inversion.

The following is from the Inversion web site where the booklets are available as free downloads for anybody who might be encouraged by these works...sample covers are below.  There are nine books covering various subjects.  You can see the complete listing here.

We want to thank the many upside down people of Inversion as love for them was a huge part of this work.  Most importantly we thank Jesus – our God and Savior - whose love, fame and mission gave meaning and hope to the work of our hands.  We pray these are of some use to him and his continuing work in the world in the days to come.

An Introduction to the New Testament

Emerging Churches

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