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Blogging, Schlogging...

A friend just asked why I wasn't blogging so much these days...I sent him this reply that I thought I would share.  Unless I decide to Liveblog the DWELL Conference (not going to happen) the POCBlog may be a little slower than usual.

I had a friend in Fri/Sat, preached twice at a church in Louisville Sunday, had seminary Monday, preach my last message at Inversion this Thursday (you should come), have the Jacob's Well send off gathering Sunday, final exam Monday, fly to NYC Monday night, at a conference for a couple of days, then house hunting through the weekend and back on May 4 with my tongue hanging out...and I have a wife and three kids who I want to know me. So blogging, Schlogging...the POC Blog may be a bit fallow for a bit

So that is how life is rolling right now - please pray for us if you think about it...we still need a place to live in NJ.