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Anglican Controversy

This week a gathering of Anglican bishops is creating more discussion about the global controversy within that communion regarding homosexual clergy and biblical authority.  The openly gay bishop Gene Robinson, of the episcopal church in New Hampshire was not invited to the event but has decided to go to London to be present during the proceedings. 

You can see the story from the BBC here and the footage of a protestor shouting out "repent, repent" during the bishops sermon at a London church. A text story of the account can also be found here. Many bishops, particularly from the large and growing Anglican churches of Africa, have objected to what they perceive as the Western Anglican departure from biblical authority. 

Gene Robinson was quoted as saying "the Archbishop of Canterbury was in an "almost untenable" position as he tries to retain unity in the Church." I agree with bishop Robinson on this - it seems the division is deep in the Anglican communion with both sides of the debate seeing themselves as fighting for what is good, right and true.  

When Scripture is no longer seen as revelation from God and the authority for the church, common ground is difficult to find on many pressing issues.  We need to pray for the Anglican Church and its leadership to find strength and wisdom in difficult times.